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Here at Gaming Kingdom, we understand your video game and card needs. We are the people you want to talk to! Come in with your questions about cards, games, consoles or anything gaming and we’ll do our best to answer you!

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We have a great selection of retro video games. From Atari to today we have it all. Come see us in store for our vast selection.
We carry new products from Magic the Gathering, Pokémon, Yu Gi Oh!, and more. We also carry singles for Magic the Gathering so, if you’re looking for a specific card we’ll be able to help you. We are Wizards of the Coast and Konami Official!
We have board games available in store or we can order specific games by request. Come on in and call to check which ones we have available. Normal processing time is approximately a week after payment.

Who’s behind Gaming Kingdom? FAQ

Mario and Nick are the owners of Gaming Kingdom. The store has been opened since June 11th 2016. The crew at Gaming Kingdom is more than happy to help you with whatever your gaming needs are, and to answer all your gaming questions!

Yes we do! Anything console related we will buy but we don’t buy PC games. If you want to know a price for your games bring them in and we’ll evaluate it. It’s important to bring them in so we can see the condition of the games themselves. We either do store credit or pay in cash!

We don’t necessarily repair all consoles but we can repair the pins in the gaming slot for the NES. We do as well have a disc buffer for any CD based games. We can also replace batteries in cartridge games.

Yes we do! If you check our events page, you’ll see our calendar, which displays all of our events. It’s updated monthly. You can click on the days to see if there are any events, what they are, and at what time they will be.

We like to keep our prices as low as possible for our customers but we do keep our eyes online to see what the values are. The value of games and cards fluctuate frequently and we do our best to make sure our prices reflect the market but at the same time, we try to give you a great deal.

Why choose us?

Our customer service is superior, our prices are competitive, we have a great laid back atmosphere for all your needs.

We have been lifelong gamers, it’s our passion and we’re here to share our knowledge and experience with you.
Superior Quality
We offer buffing, battery change, and other small repairs and cleaning to ensure you have a good experience.
Honest & Dependable
Our knowledge can supply you with honest answers and even if we’re not sure we can check for you. We work for you.

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